Welcome to Hollygrape Healing Arts! My name is Melissa Cerise. I am an intuitive energy and folk healer, a neurodiverse spoonie queer, and my pronouns are they/them. I currently offer in-person and remote Reiki for humans and other animals, intuitive readings, curse and thought-form unraveling, and compassionate depossession. A sliding scale rate is available to those belonging to under-served communities (including BIPOC, POC, LGBTQA+, and disability) who may not otherwise have access to care. Please see the Healing Services page for more information.

This website is under construction. If you have any questions that can’t be answered here, email hollygrape.healing.arts@gmail.com. Thank you for your patience!


I’m always interested to hear how you feel post-session!

A few reviews I’ve received:

“Melissa shares kind and unique empathy during her readiness and healing.
She eases a worried mind and rights a tilted soul.”

-Molly B.

“It takes a special person to help others heal. Patience, compassion, active listening and a deep understanding of the “roots” that grow into what someone really is. Melissa can help.”

-Zach S.

I received this touching testimonial from my friend Flux — complete with photos and a video!

“I came to Melissa for help easing the transition into a new home for my feline companion Sekhmet.  We were leaving a situation in which there had been ongoing conflict between humans in the home and between the animals in the home.  Sekhmet had been the focus of ongoing intense harassment by my previous roommates dog.  She wasn’t harmed physically, but she was very stressed by the situation.  The other humans in the old house were also not attuned well to cat energy and saw her mostly as a nuisance, which increased stress for both Sekhmet and myself on an ongoing basis.

Luckily, I was able to find us a wonderful new home with a human that is very in touch with cat energy.  This new home also had a large, sweet, young, playful dog, and two other cats.  Being the attentive human that I am, I wanted to ease Sekhmet’s transition into this new home and help all the animals integrate together as peacefully as possible.

I had received several powerfully and peacefully healing Reiki treatments from Melissa myself, and reached out to her to ask if she could do distance Reiki on Sekhmet on the day of our move.  She responded that she would love to, and we set up the appointment.  After Sekhmet and I arrived by car to our new home, I let her explore my bedroom for just a bit before her Reiki session started.

I lay with Sekhmet on the bed, and at first she was very agitated from the car trip, being in the cat carrier, and all the stimulation of being in a new situation.  Within just a few minutes of when Melissa indicated she would begin, Sekhmet settled down on the bed, curled up into a ball, and went to sleep.  I relaxed a lot just seeing her settle down, and I could feel some of the peripheral Reiki energy working on me too!  After the session was over Sekhmet’s energy had shifted completely.  Where before the session she seemed agitated, confused, and restless, she was now relaxed and resting.  What a relief to see my fur baby feeling better in her new home!

Since the first session was so successful, I had Melissa do a follow up session with Sekhmet a few days later, while she was exploring outside on the farm where our new house is located.  Melissa’s loving writeup of her experience with Sekhmet was powerful and moved me deeply.  The bond between human and animal is one of such unconditional love, it brings me immense joy to see healing and communication come so easily with Reiki.

I am now overjoyed to report that Sekhmet is confidently and peacefully interacting with the humans, cats, and dog in our home.  We are both settling in and very happy with the ease of our transition.  I cannot recommend Melissa strongly enough for anyone wanting to heal and balance the physical, emotional, or spiritual selves of their animal companions!”

Flux Rutherford
Tulalip, WA

Sekhmet before distance Reiki
Sekhmet during distance Reiki
Sekhmet after distance Reiki





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